Zamzows Heated Dog Bowl 
This large 1.5 gal. capacity heated dog bowl is energy efficient and has a patented thermostatic control that will heat the dog bowl only when necessary (pretty awesome if you ask us)!

Zamzows Heated Dog Bowl was engineered with a sturdy twin wall anti-tip construction. This dog bowl features 4 foot, 6 inches long, a 
grounded power cord that is wire wrapped for anti-chew protection. The bowl measures 4.5 in. high and has a 12.25 in.  the bottom diameter and 11-inch top diameter. One year manufacturer's warranty.

Every year when the weather gets cold, we sell out of our heated dog bowls! No matter how much we pre-make, they always get bought out. If you are considering one for your dog(s), you may want to purchase one now!

Made in the USA

UL listed. 60 watts, 110 volts