Kaytee Deluxe Giant Habitat

Kaytee's new 48x24in Rabbit Home with 2-Piece Base provides your pet rabbit with a full 8 square feet of living space!  The base and cage wire are packaged in 2 separate pieces which only need to be assembled one time for permanent use. Designed for easy assembly, the patent-pending cage provides pet rabbits with the recommended 8 square feet of living space, yet only requires 2 feet of packaging material!  The Rabbit Home features front and top access doors, two ramps and shelves and casters for mobility. The new locking system allows you to securely lock and unlock the latches using a controllable safety switch.
  • 8 Square Feet of living space!
  • Includes 2 comfort shelves, 2 safety ramps, food dish and caster wheels
  • Features secure tab locks and chew proof latches
  • Assembles easily with no tools required
  • For pet rabbits or guinea pigs
  • Bar Spacing: 1"