Tomato Boom is an all natural, organic based, chemical free, tomato fertilizer that is packed with the perfect blend of vitamins and nutrients to grow the best tasting tomatoes!

When it comes to growing and feeding tomatoes, Tomato Boom has EVERYTHING you need, and all in one bag! Tomato Boom carefully balances key ingredients like Calcium and Phosphorus and steadily delivers them to the plant. This allows your tomato plant to grow strong and balanced, which is the key to producing excellent tasting and beautiful bold-colored tomatoes!

Tomato Boom gives tomatoes more flavor because of the exclusive proprietary blend of trace minerals. This combination delivers tomatoes that are not only large but also extremely flavorful. Concentrated mushroom compost fraction is added to drive the plants nutrient and water absorption ability. The complex nutrients are broken down and made available for the plant to take in as needed. The formula also contains calcium to prevent blossom end rot (the most common problem when growing tomatoes).

Chemical based tomato fertilizers force your tomato plant to take in nitrogen. This results in fast growth. Rapid growth in tomato plants can produce undesirable consequences such as excess foliage, and little or no tomatoes blooms. Tomato Boom consists of natural nitrogen sources from Alfalfa meal and soybean meal. Rock phosphate is added to balance the foliage growth with fruit production.

A 4-pound bag of Tomato Boom will supply 6 tomato plants all the nutrients they will need for the entire growing season.

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