Zamzows knows lawns. In fact, we are experts. When the national fertilizer brands wouldn't adapt their fertilizers to our hard packed clay, alkaline soil type, we developed our own fertilizers. Our approach to growing and maintaining a green lawn is completely different. 

The key to great green grass is to treat both the grass and the soil as one ecosystem. We want the soil full of biological activity and we don't want to force feed chemicals to give us the desired effect. We prefer to treat any insect or fungus problems as they present themselves and not over-saturate our soils with insecticides and herbicides. Our lawn care approach may not be the fastest, but it is the more effective in giving you long-term, healthy green grass. It also happens to be the most gentle on the environment and safe for your kids, pets, and aquifers. 

Zamzows Spring and Summer 20-3-3


Zamzows Huma Green 25 lb


Zamzows Winter Recharger 10-6-6


Zamzows Lawn Recovery 8-2-4 25 LB